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Luke Bryan Leaned on Blake Shelton for Television Judge Advice

From left to right Lionel Richie Katy Perry Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan are the faces of American Idol's newest season Luke Bryan Leaned on Blake Shelton for Television Judge Advice
Stacy Diaz | 12 March, 2018, 02:47

In 2002, Coca-Cola signed on as an initial sponsor - to the tune of $10 million for Fox. Sundays with "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "Shark Tank". Why bring back this faded music competition now? But somewhere along the way, the show lost me. Also intact is the goal of finding a music star - one such as Carrie Underwood, who built a blockbuster career after winning "Idol" in 2005 and whose voice-over opens the ABC show.

Gone not quite 23 months, "American Idol" returns Sunday on a new network (ABC), with new judges (Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie) and a whole new mandate to find that elusive and perhaps mythical unicorn - the "superstar".

The question is whether enough people are excited or curious about "Idol's" return, and then get hooked enough to stick around and sustain a decent-sized audience. Let's hope Perry and company have better luck. Warning: It's not pretty. ABC burned off the remainder of the season in June and July. Ripa adds that she's planning to take her talents to reality television to pursue the chance of becoming the 16th American Idol.

That is, if anyone had actually watched. Though Lost is a unusual way to describe the 2006 interview to which the title appears to refer. After just one short year off from its regular TV cycle the Idol series is back for its 16th season!

Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, John Legend and Jennifer Nettles chose two singers each to perform duets with them each week.

A few minutes later, the two singers huddled around a hotel-lobby piano with country star Luke Bryan for a very loose version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There".

2015 CMT Music Awards- Show
Carrie Underwood built a blockbuster career after winning American Idol in 2005

That massive investment may pay off. Perry brings a playful, perky attitude to the judges' table that's been missing since Steven Tyler mistook the show - once a ratings juggernaut for the Fox network - for a speed-dating mixer.

The premiere even features an extended segment that mocks an immigrant's singing ability and uses that to slowly raise its middle finger to its competition, The Voice-a gesture that would have been fun if it wasn't another example of the show being a giant industrial shredder while insisting it's an origami teacher.

Mills confirms that dynamic: "I think that of the three of them, Lionel is probably the most mature in the room. You come back at 21".

Clearly, the amount of people who attend a weekend audition at Jack London Square isn't the best gauge as to whether a show will work or not.

Through this emphasis on the silly antics around the auditions (rather than powerful vocal auditions themselves), the pacing, the all-too-familiar structure and the lighthearted judge dynamic, Sunday's premiere feels far too much like a typical "TV show". The show had a not-bad start (1.5 in adults 18-49) but couldn't sustain it, finishing at 1.1, along with 4.08 million viewers, for its lone season. "You have to, like, light yourself on fire on Instagram while singing".

In early episodes, the show is marginally revised and instantly familiar.