Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Arizona's GOP Congressional Contingent Is Giving Trump's Tariff Proposal Mixed Reviews

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Melinda Barton | 11 March, 2018, 11:41

After the signing ceremony, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said the EU should also be exempt from the ruling because it is a close ally of the US.

Other officials at the EU, by far the biggest trading partner of the United States by value, have warned it could take countermeasures including European tariffs on USA oranges, tobacco and bourbon. "And many countries basically figured out how to circumvent around those trade laws, as I call it, 'Cheat the trade laws.' So, they know how to beat our system".

But as he announced the tariffs Thursday, Trump declared that "many of the countries that treat us the worst on trade and the military are our allies". "I will seek more clarity on this issue in the days to come", she tweeted, noting an upcoming Saturday meeting with US Trade Representative Robet Lighthizer. Not fair or sustainable. Thus, overall it is in the hopes of many congressional members to "avoid a confrontation with the administration and instead work with the president to enact trade policies the broader GOP can get behind" (NPR).

Two people briefed on the discussions claimed Trump had not made a firm decision, but said Liddell was the "front-runner" to replace Cohn, the story read. Trump was said to be in listening mode at the meeting, but later the White House released a statement to say that "the President acknowledged some studies have indicated there is a correlation between video game violence and real violence".

Trump has also given Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross the power to provide relief to specific steel and aluminum products that aren't produced in the U.S. If they drop their horrific barriers & tariffs on USA products going in, we will likewise drop ours. This is because he feels that the proposed tariffs will have a negative impact on the economy as well as the belief that the move will have consequences that will undermine any of their recent successes with the new tax overhaul legislation.

Key U.S. trading partners and businesses have warned the tariffs could backfire, provoking a trade war and hurting allies like the European Union and Japan more than China, their main target.

She said she got "no immediate clarity on the exact USA procedure for exemption" and that new talks are planned for next week.

Trump was apparently open-minded during the meeting.

Other topics may include: the steel and aluminum tariffs as well as some GOP resistance to them, the new Februaryg jobs numbers, and Trump's meeting on violent video games yesterday.

Trump says he's sticking with his initial plan for import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

NAFTZ and its members have been strong supporters of the NAFTA and believe it has been an important factor in making US manufacturing more globally competitive, supporting high-value-added employment in the United States, expanding export markets for USA products and services, promoting efficient supply and value chains, and improving standards of living.

"This measure might impact the economy and the cooperative relationship between Japan and the United States", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Friday. Annoy the president, which considering his renowned hypersensitivity is easy, and those tariffs are slapped on Canadian steel and aluminum shipped south of the border.

Japan's government has warned that new USA steel tariffs could hurt its economic relations with the United States.