Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Mary McAleese slams Catholic Church over treatment of women

The Vatican has been urged to embrace equality on International Women´s Day The Vatican has been urged to embrace equality on International Women´s Day
Nellie Chapman | 10 March, 2018, 15:37

"Women do not have strong role models in the Church that they can look up to".

"I can not be bothered arguing".

She said: "A Church that is homophobic and anti-abortion is not the church of the future".

It's now been 24 years since Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, which means that the Vatican is slightly overdue for another major statement.

Many in the audience were nuns, who cheered on the speakers who demanded more rights for women in the Church.

The Pope also rejected an invitation to attend the annual Voices of Faith conference, which has been traditionally held in the Vatican on International Women's Day. I asked them to explain why they seemed to be avoiding the subject.

The Catholic Church is "an empire of misogyny" and must reform its traditionalist outlook if it wants to stay relevant, former Irish President Mary McAleese has claimed. "I'm just too old to be bothered anymore". "It's an empire of misogyny", she said. Those calling for women priests say he was only following the norms of his time.

What radical, innovative, strategic ideas do you have for their inclusion while being excluded for priesthood?

Chantal Götz, managing director of Voices of Faith, echoed the sentiment.

As regards Pope Francis, she said, "The hopes that I had for him and about him and about the church that he might help us to create, dwindled into disappointment".

Among those other possibilities, Götz mentioned adding laity, including women, to various Vatican commissions and councils, such as the "C9" council of cardinals who advise the pope, and also revising the Vatican's human resources approach to ensure that women have opportunities to contribute based on their "skills and formation". "The cake of the church is flattening, because women are walking away in droves".

Meanwhile Mrs McAleese's son said he thinks people will find it hard to stomach that she was initially "silenced and banned" from speaking at the conference, which was to be held in the Vatican City, where it has taken place in previous years, but was moved to the Aula of the Jesuit Curia in Rome after the Holy See refused to give approval to Mrs McAleese and two other speakers.

McAleese suggested that moving past the priesthood debate is largely a matter of strategy, not substance. "Either it will become a large and largely irrelevant cult or sect, or it will do what Christ intended, flood the world with the capacity for healing and for love", she said. And that's the question they have not answered.