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Tillerson cautious about possible US-N.Korea talks

Rex Tillerson Tillerson cautious about possible US-N.Korea talks
Melinda Barton | 09 March, 2018, 18:33

However the prime minister of Japan, which saw two North Korean missiles fly over its territory a year ago, voiced distrust of North Korea's motives.

Tillerson said the first step is to have talks about whether to hold negotiations.

Such work could include completing development of a re-entry vehicle that can deliver a nuclear weapon, production of rocket frames, engines and mobile launchers and increasing the output of plutonium and highly enriched uranium for bomb-making.

The toughest regime of sanctions on North Korea to date, which has had an effect on both Pyongyang and its closet allies, China and Russian Federation, are expected to continue, as are military exercises conducted by Seoul and Washington.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un expressed a willingness to denuclearize in a meeting with South Korean diplomats, Seoul revealed Tuesday.

US intelligence officials have said Kim is only months away from being able to mount such a strike, while some experts say he may already have the basic capability, even if it remains untested.

"This is really an opportunity that is hard to come by", Zhao said."If this opportunity isn't seized or if the North loses its patience after a period of waiting for the come to the negotiation table, it may resume its nuclear tests and prove to the world that its nuclear capabilities are reliable and solid".

But the talks broke down in 2008, after failing to agree on how to verify the North's commitments, and in 2009 North Korea conducted its second nuclear weapons test. "It's better than not having one", he said.

Wang's comments come as two South Korean envoys left for Washington to brief U.S. officials on the North's offer, after their landmark visit to meet Kim in Pyongyang.

But the Winter Olympics in South Korea provided an unexpected window for diplomacy, with North Korea appearing to be pushing for a de-escalation.

Moon made his comments as two senior officials from Seoul departed for Washington to brief officials there on the outcome of their recent visit to North Korea.

During talks earlier this week, South Korean officials said North Korea had offered to hold talks with the United States about normalizing ties and denuclearization.

The past year has seen fierce exchanges of threats between the USA and North Korea.

Some experts question how honest North Korea is about its reported offers. "We should not ease our stance, for instance relax sanctions, just because North Korea agreed to have a dialogue".

It also needs additional transporter-erector launchers, or TELs, to enable it to fire missiles from hastily established positions less vulnerable to detection and attack than permanent launch sites. "Keeping the pressure up and implementing sanctions and export controls better is critical whatever happens".