Friday, 15 February, 2019

Sea of Thieves' Final Beta Is Open, and It's Live Right Now

Sea of Thieves' Final Beta Is Open, and It's Live Right Now Sea of Thieves' Final Beta Is Open, and It's Live Right Now
Sherri Watson | 09 March, 2018, 23:45

This latest beta includes the Xbox One X enhancements and also tests Merchant Alliance voyages.

Rare is also adding a new dynamic element into the game world: Skeleton Forts now have a chance to be occupied, so if you see a skull cloud floating above a fort, great rewards (and a tough challenge) await.

Sea of Thieves is now scheduled for a March 20th release! Keep in mind this title is Xbox Play Anywhere, so you can buy once, and enjoy on both your PC and Xbox One. If not, search "Sea of Thieves Final Beta" in the store and install it.

Sea of Thieves also supports cross-play across the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PCs so that everyone can play regardless of their preferred platform.

The final Sea of Thieves beta is set to kick off today and run through Sunday, March 11th. The final beta is open to anyone via the XBox Store or Microsoft Store.

During a developer update about the final beta, executive producer Joe Neate explained that the studio wants to have a greater number of players trying the game out than before, and in order to do so it has opened up the trial to everyone.

"Since we began we've seen our community grow as players go adventuring in our magical world, we've seen battles held, friends made, instruments played and quite a bit of overindulgence on our surprisingly strong grog". Might they even be there already? Rare will be keeping everyone abreast of any issues the game is experiencing over on the Sea of Thieves Twitter account. "We can't wait to watch and find out". Most excitingly, we've seen many, many awesome stories from our players, and recently we allowed them to share these with the world during our Closed Beta.

So far, there's been one particularly well-known error message for Sea of Thieves, which has come from the closed beta this January: the "Too Early" error.