Wednesday, 21 November, 2018

PS4 Firmware Update Features and More

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Theresa Hayes | 09 March, 2018, 19:10

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PS4 update 5.50 is a 460MB download, which is a bit bigger than usual but nothing too insane.

In system software update 5.00 we introduced a range of parental control enhancements.

Play Time Management builds on this, giving Family Managers (and adult family members who are set as guardian), the ability to set limits on when and for how long each individual child can play for. The children who are playing on the console are warned when their play session is nearly over, allowing them to find a save point or safe logout point before running out of time.

Adding custom wallpapers - Download a picture onto your USB drive in a folder named "images", navigate to the pathway on your console, then crop your picture to your liking. You'll then have an option to select the flash drive you have plugged into the PS4, and after choosing the photo you'd like, you can crop and move it around to get the ideal look. Notifications on PS4 will be sent to the child during gameplay so that he or she knows when they should save and quit. These can be imported from a USB storage device and can contain a team logo, team cover images, background image for the home screen, or image for the message group.

There are also three new tabs for the Library page.

To set your logo and background, head over to Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile. Library will now let you have track of the games you obtained thanks to your subscriptions, and in case you're not a subscriber anymore you can hide those games from your purchased titles list. This feature also makes it easy to search and find games you've already purchased but have not yet installed.

New "This PS4" and "Name/Avatar" tabs allow you to split content between everything you own and what's now installed on your PS4. Just go to Notifications and press the "triangle" or "OPTIONS" button to open up a menu that will allow you to select a single or multiple notifications you'd like to delete. Custom friends lists are also now accessible from the Quick Menu and you can permanently remove old notifications from the system. If you happen to be a PS4 Pro user, you can access the Supersampling options in the Settings menu. If you're using Spotify on PlayStation Music, the "square" button will serve as the shortcut for volume control. However, just like playing locally, the game itself may not actually support background music. The mode will allow players with 1080p or below TVs to enjoy better quality visuals.