Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

Download and Install the new Pixel Launcher from Android P

Download and Install the new Pixel Launcher from Android P Download and Install the new Pixel Launcher from Android P
Theresa Hayes | 09 March, 2018, 04:36

Snap a photo of anything, open it in Google Photos, and you can now leverage the power of Google Lens to run searches against products, find the name of a auto, get more info on a book, etc. Despite its oddity, the notch has found its way into the Android smartphones. Google's noted today that they'll have "lots more to share" at Google I/O in May of this year.

Google has released the Android P developer preview, continuing the trend of a March release for the next version of its mobile operating system. The Android team explains that being able to access both cameras at the same time enables developers to create features that aren't possible using only one camera, like bokeh effects, stereo vision and "seamless zoom". It's also likely that DP2 will open up the public beta of Android P, a step up from DP1 that is basically an alpha version of the software that is only meant for developers.

Google has announced that all Google Photos users will have access to Google Lens. Yes, the app works brilliantly with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Google's own algorithms.

Google Lens now stays exclusive to Android. Google Lens, which made its debut in Google's flagship smartphone Pixel 2 previous year is a photo analyzing app powered by AI that resides in Google Photos.

The Google Lens is now available as Google Lens Preview which will, of course, be available to public and it grows and learns over the time.

As announced on its Twitter account, Lens is now turning out to every Android device with Google Photos set up.

HDR VP9 Video, HEIF image compression, and Media APIs - basically letting developers build support for HDR video into their apps from supported sources like YouTube, Google Play Movies and more. These updates deliver the latest security patches, bug fixes, and occasionally new features. And now, it's taken Google quite some time to resolve it. It even stores contact information by simply scanning a hard copy business card.

The app will come with support for other Google services such as Google Maps and more. This is an expansion of the direct reply feature from Nougat that lets you input a reply manually right from the notifications.

Google had made some changes to the Settings Pulldown on the Android Oreo.