Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

Canada Replaces First Canadian PM On Ten Dollar Bill

Canada Replaces First Canadian PM On Ten Dollar Bill Canada Replaces First Canadian PM On Ten Dollar Bill
Theresa Hayes | 09 March, 2018, 19:54

Watch the live unveiling of Canada's new $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond right here!

The new $10 bill is a spectacular purple polymer note that features civil rights icon Viola Desmond.

Canada is making history today on International Women's Day! Other nations like the USA and United Kingdom have also moved to change the imbalance between men and women depicted on money.

"One woman's actions can really make a difference", Robson, 91, said in the video of her sneak preview, shared by the Bank of Canada.

"When young people see Viola Desmond they'll be able to ask 'Who is this particular person, ' so it becomes a teachable moment", Saney said.

Desmond is the first black person - and the first non-royal woman - on a regularly circulating Canadian bank note.

"The Minister of Finance and I agreed it was long past time for a bank note to feature an iconic Canadian woman".

Apart from being an activist, Desmond was also a beautician and developed her own line of beauty products, Vi's Beauty Products.

Desmond's case is credited with playing a role in legally ending segregation in Nova Scotia in 1954.

More than 70 years later, Desmond's act of defiance has been cemented into Canadian civil rights history. "She's just one of many of us who have suffered".

The vertical bank note is the same size and functions the same as existing Canadian bank notes. Desmond, who was short-sighted and could not see properly from the back, sat in the floor section and refused to leave.

She was dragged out of the theatre by police, arrested, thrown in jail for 12 hours and fined.

Wanda Robson, seeing her sister's $10 bill for the first time, gasped, remarking that the artist beautifully captured every detail of her sister, saying, "It's as if she's in this room". Nova Scotia issued a posthumous pardon to her in 2009, decades after her protest and 1965 death.