Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Rajinikanth says he can give MGR-style governance to TN people

Rajinikanth says he can give MGR-style governance to TN people Rajinikanth says he can give MGR-style governance to TN people
Melinda Barton | 08 March, 2018, 18:00

Yes, there is a vacuum. There is space for good leadership. They were great leaders. He also sought to occupy the leadership vaccum caused by J Jayalalithaa's death and M Karunanidhi's retirement. On the other hand, there was Karunanidhi who kept his party together for 13 long years in the opposition.

Rajinikanth said he knew politics was not an easy route. "I apologise for any inconvenience", he said.

After unveiling the statue, Rajinikanth said in his over 30-minute speech, that like late AIADMK founder, he was confident of giving a good administration in the state. The veteran actor praised the late Chief Minister, saying, "MGR is a revolutionary, not in a 1000 years can there be another MGR and if anyone says he is the next MGR, he is insane".

(G.N.S) Dt. 06 Chennai Actor turned politician Rajinikanth sought to snatch away that party's biggest asset- the MGR legacy. When I had a breakdown due to work pressure, MGR sir had personally called once a week to know about me. "The spiritual politics will be politics void of caste and creed discrimination".

Stressing that his political philosophy will be spiritual politics, the superstar said honest and casteless politics is spiritual politics.

Launching his party Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) in Madurai, Kamal said if people speak in Tamil, the language would continue to grow. Tamil Nadu needs a leader, a leadership. "Let us stop this politics of name calling". I want to tell them (politicians) we have done our jobs correctly. If I am coming to politics at this age, why are you discouraging me? I am 67 years now, and since you are not doing your duty I am stepping in.

On the occasion, the actor urged college students not to enter politics but to focus on their studies.

Political observes attach much significance to the new announcement, which stopped just short of announcing a political party but made ambitions amply clear.

Rajinikanth urged the students to learn English to conquer the global village.Quoting an example from his life where his marks had dropped after joining an English medium school, he urged students to learn English by persisting in it despite mistakes."Speaking Tamil will not save TN".

# 8: 47 Pm: Learn English, it has your future. "Only if Tamizhans grow, the language will grow", he said, pointing out examples of Sundar Pichai and Abdul Kalam.