Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Pension reform bill heads to full Senate

Pension reform bill heads to full Senate Pension reform bill heads to full Senate
Melinda Barton | 08 March, 2018, 10:39

As passed the bill would only approve $300,000 from the general fund to be used by the state construction department to conduct level I and II planning and design for the center.

Some teachers arrived more than two hours early to take their seats in the committee room.

Among the changes in the bill passed by the House was an amendment that would make it a felony to possess a firearm on school grounds with the intent to harm.

"As chairman of a committee, I'm having some thoughts about what I need to do next year with that committee and whether or not we're going to hear some bills".

"This bill would get in the way of homicide investigations by making it hard for law enforcement officers to uncover the facts in a shooting", Howard said. Justice signed the bill during a news conference on stage at the West Virginia State Theater.

Cothran again said at Tuesday's committee meeting his organization never opposed the bill. She noted that Jaye Pershing Johnson, the governor's legal counsel, was among those who gave testimony saying that S.221 was too narrow in scope. She testified in favor of the gun control bills on the docket, and said she was disappointed in the turnout for those in favor of the legislation.

With SB 1, "we are going to take away the benefits" people in hybrid plans with guaranteed returns were promised, McGarvey said.

"You can fix it on the short term, but you may do long term damage to the economic development and the citizens of SC and we're not going to do that", says Senator Nikki Setzler, Minority Leader.

Stone said he still supports raising the marriage age.

The state's House of Delegates, which has already passed the bill, must now get together with its Senate brethren to iron out slight differences to the legislation before it goes to Gov. Jim Justice for his signature.

Meanwhile, supporter of the bill and a woman who was forced to marry her older perpetrator at 16, Donna Pollard, said opponents of the bill include a group of conservative lawmakers who 'lobby lawmakers on social issues, ' the newspaper reported.

As students from Florida State and Florida A&M universities held a die-in at the Capitol Rotunda to call for stricter gun-control measures, Moskowitz urged the House not to allow more guns in schools. "It's been real hard on all of us", explained Boyd. Dorsey Ridley who serves Kentucky's fourth district.

The House effectively killed the Senate's education funding proposal last Friday, which proposed cuts of at least $108 million over the next three years. "I want to make a difference", said Moskowitz, a graduate of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, where 17 people were killed in a shooting on February 14. Mr. Felder has been pressured to rejoin the Democrats, but has said that his decision to do so could come down to which party supports his efforts to get armed police officers in schools.

None of the Assembly measures involve school security, but Heastie and other supporters of the legislation say the bills would keep firearms from getting into the hands of people intent on doing harm at a NY school.