Thursday, 24 January, 2019

OR passes 'America's first new gun law' since Florida shooting

Graduate of Florida high school that was attacked sets up Nashville march OR passes 'America's first new gun law' since Florida shooting
Melinda Barton | 08 March, 2018, 04:37

Wednesday was the first full day of class for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since the February 14 shooting killed 17 people at the Broward County school.

She also would have liked a ban on assault-style rifles, like numerous students who travelled to the state Capitol to ask politicians to go even further to stop future mass shootings. The former principal said he believed that Romano would have caused much more damage if he had a semiautomatic weapon, like the AR-15 that was used in the Parkland shooting and other infamous incidents, such as the sprees in Newtown and Las Vegas.

Is that really the answer?

"The platform us Parkland Students have established is to be shared with every person, black or white, gay or straight, religious or not, who has experienced gun violence, and hand in hand, side by side, We Will Make This Change Together", she also wrote on Twitter.

"I will tell you at the onset that I think this journey is just beginning".

A 2015 viral video showed an armed officer in SC bodyslamming a teenage girl.

Clearly, guns aren't the answer.

In addition, more than a dozen companies severed ties with the NRA in the wake of the school attack, ending discounted rates and fares for NRA members. I want a law enforcement presence at all of our schools, so that's what I'm going to focus on. As of 2014, at least 30 percent of our public schools had at least one SRO.

Since the tragedy, Dwyane Wade has written the name of Joaquin Oliver on his shoes before games, in honor of one of the 17 victims who died in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Teachers are meant to teach not be a form of law enforcement.

Democrats in the House and Senate made several attempts to block the provision allowing local sheriffs to deputize armed "guardians", but they were unsuccessful.

This idea has been talked about recently with regard to school shootings. We admire and encourage the efforts of our students that join countless students nationwide in non-disruptive advocacy for an end to gun violence in our schools.

The issue didn't come up in conversations with students, DeVos told reporters. But history is full of movements led by students - albeit usually in college, not high school.

Any amendments offered at that stage would require a two-thirds vote for approval.

This is no small matter.

You must act to prevent mass murder from ever occurring again at any school.

Although lawmakers are proposing language to prevent people showing signs of violence or mental illness from having guns, Scott's proposal would let relatives and roommates petition courts to bar potentially risky people from having guns; lawmakers' proposals would not. It puts them at risk.

This Feb. 21, 2018 file photo shows students at the entrance to the office of Florida Gov. Rick Scott with boxes of petitions for gun control reform, at the state Capitol in Tallahassee, Fla. But another critical piece of the problem is a punitive society that targets vulnerable children for non-violent offenses. Each school district would decide whether to opt into the program.