Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Life is unusual 2 Details Emerge, More Coming Soon

Life is unusual 2 Details Emerge, More Coming Soon Life is unusual 2 Details Emerge, More Coming Soon
Theresa Hayes | 08 March, 2018, 17:01

Previous Chloe voice actress Ashly Burch returns to bring her talents to the character. The "Farewell" episode brings us back to a special time in Chloe and Max's friendship, before everything seemed to fall apart.

Back in May 2017 developer Dontnod confirmed that a team would be working on a sequel focusing on a new cast of characters, that told a story that was not a direct continuation of the first game.

According to the words of the company, it seems that the sequel to Life is odd will put aside the story of Max and Chloe. The many themes of Life is odd of player choice, secrets, friendships and relationships and are all used really well in Farewell to transport players and fans of both games right into the moment with these two friends. In a post today on the game's official Tumblr, we were given an idea exactly when the lid might be lifted on the game. With the uncertain future of Life is unusual 2, who knows if players will ever see this duo again, and there's just a certain comfort in seeing them goof off and have some fun. It is with a heavy heart that we bid a final goodbye to Max, Chloe, Rachel, the doe and the rest of Arcadia Bay, but it appears we haven't seen the last of the series. The choice in music again plays such a vital role as those lingering moments as Max is exploring Chloe's room as they attempt to do a clear out of Chloe's stuff leads to Max rediscovering moments from their growing up together with photographs and drawings that give an insight into who these characters are right now in the short time they have left before Max leaves which is also the moment that everything changes for both our heroes. This prequel to Life Is Strange makes some bold moves and has some pretty great ideas for the adventure game series, and if for some reason you've missed it, now you get a chance to pick it up in a boxed edition and follow Chloe as she tries to navigate some choppy waters before the original game's events.

When the game was first announced, DONTNOD said that they were not ready to reveal what it will be about just yet.

They both have their bright spots and weaknesses, showcased brilliantly throughout the Life is odd episodes and the Before the Storm prequel, but we never truly got a chance to see how the two interacted during their heyday as best friends until "Farewell". Players take on the role of a rebellious teenager named Chloe Price who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a attractive and popular girl destined for success.

I feel my time with this series is now complete, more so then following Before the Storm's ending and is a really handsome way for the series to bow out for fans.