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Dwyane Wade makes surprise visit to Stoneman Douglas High School

Melinda Barton | 08 March, 2018, 05:54

Beyond walkouts and protest, Nazar, administrative staff and Cabrillo Unifed School District board members are working on installing tip411, a smartphone app that includes crime alerts and an avenue for students or other community members to give anonymous tips. Students are encouraged to stand together in silence for 17 minutes, honoring the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting, before participating in an open mic. "We are planning on taking a step back and reevaluating how we think about our security", Bezek said.

Beginning at 9:55 a.m., if students have written permission, they may leave study hall or the commons area. "I call upon Mr. Doak and all district superintendents to rescind their effort to further advance any political agenda and create division in our schools". The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee sent out a Campus Safety newsletter via email to students and staff with ways to stay safe on campus.

This group of girls is behind the, "March for our Lives CSRA", one of several similar marches that will be held across the United States on March 24.

Classes will follow the regular schedule March 14, she said, and any absences associated with the national walkouts will be excused.

Rachel Vetesi, a senior communication major from Cherry Hill, said she supported Locke's encouragement of students to talk about what happened in Parkland.

The goal of the March 14 walkout is "to protest Congress' inaction to do no more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods".

"I'm asking for people to be more aware", said Cohen.

"Students across the country are legally required to be in schools that representatives refuse to take the action to protect", Anika Nayak, a Somerville High School student and one of the organizers, said in the statement. Of course, if students are disorderly beyond just walking out of class, they could get in trouble for that, too. "That day, you had some of the kids saying, 'Why are we in this?' They responded so quickly".

"It really made me realize the power we have, as students, and the ways that we can change a community", Vaughan said.

"Student involvement with the "walkout" is by no means a District endorsement", Fulton wrote. "We'll have to keep raising our voices so that congressional leaders will know that we're not going away anytime soon".

"They might say, "My friend is in trouble" and then the school can be a resource instead of a punitive thing", Nazar said.