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Android P could turn your smartphone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse

Android P could turn your smartphone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse Android P could turn your smartphone into a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse
Theresa Hayes | 08 March, 2018, 21:32

What do you think of using your smartphone as a wireless keyboard and mouse? Android P adds a section to the settings where you can see the last several apps that sent notifications. Huawei also allows you to use some of its phones as a trackpad in its own PC mode. Most of the Android smartphone releasing recently are coming with a fingerprint sensor which is the most secure form of lock for your smartphone.

With the new Android P, Google will allow third-party developers to make more use of dual cameras on the front or rear of the smartphones. These functions are of use when it comes to voice calls or music streaming over the Bluetooth feature.

A patch adding support for the Bluetooth HID was committed in 2016, but the functionality was disabled for future Android releases.

As discovered by XDA Developers, trying to install one of these custom themes in Android P returns an error saying that the package can't be installed. However, the service has now been enabled (as per the new commits) and the APIs (Application Programming Interface) for developers have also been unhidden, meaning they can create apps that work on Bluetooth HID profile.

According to a report on XDADevelopers the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) profile has been enabled in the latest version of the Android.

Developers can get more information next week on the Android P developer preview here, with more information slated to be released at the Google I/O 2018 conference in May.

Beyond those high-level highlights, there are dozens of other new features and enhancements, ranging from security improvements to accessibility to a new Neural Networks API (introduced in Android 8.1) to accelerate on-device machine learning on Android. The developers have also switched from the cross fade animation used in Oreo when using the back button to a subtle yet clear vertical slide-in/ slide-out whenever you want to switch to different screens within an app. This new feature is a step forward in expanding the inter-connectivity between the smartphone and other devices.