Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Trump says he'll impose tariffs in a "loving way"

Trump says he'll impose tariffs in a Trump says he'll impose tariffs in a "loving way"
Melinda Barton | 07 March, 2018, 18:50

"I really believe they are honest", Trump said at a White House news conference, sounding more optimistic than his intelligence chief, Dan Coats, who told a Senate hearing he has "very, very low confidence" that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un intends to give up his nuclear arms.

KELLY: And thing - speaking of things happening quickly, financial markets are already reacting to this news.

"Everybody wants to work in the white house" Okay so why do people keep resigning from the Trump cabinet? Cohn almost quit last summer when he was disappointed with the president's reaction to that Nazi and Klan demonstration in Charlottesville. Trump will meet with Swedish business representatives midday Tuesday before his news conference. The president insists all this factional fighting is creative, though, and just the way he likes it. And I certainly have that. I mean, two countries have said, "We can not believe, to be honest with you, we've gotten away with this so long".

"I've watched where the reporters have been writing 2 per cent of our steel comes from China". I like seeing it. I think I was elected, at least partially on this issue. "I fully understand and respect the president's view that they have to look after his own country...."

KELLY: All right, that's the president. The company added that Russian-bought ads reached approximately 10 million people and targeted users in MI and Wisconsin, both of which were critical to Trump's victory.

President Donald Trump stepped in front of the camera twice Wednesday with the prime minister of Sweden amid major news on North Korea and other fronts. So he does not want to see a trade war. "It doesn't hurt us". "As a Swede, I, of course, support the efforts of the European Union to achieve trade with fewer obstacles and as few as possible".

He also said that he believed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was "sincere" in offering to stop nuclear and missile tests in exchange for talks with the USA on denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

Denis McDonough, Obama's last chief of staff, made the accusation Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, saying McConnell was single-handedly responsible for downgrading the language in a letter "asking the states to work with us" to better secure election systems in light of intelligence indicating that Russian Federation was attempting to interfere in the election. The president was asked about that.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., said saying the administration is taking a "whole of government approach" is essentially saying "it's somebody else's job". The rogue regime has said it wants to talk to the United States, but it's not clear who would represent America in any such meeting.

"Many countries are doing it".

"The European Union has been particularly tough on the United States", Trump said.

Meanwhile, Twitter estimated last November that 36,746 Russia-linked accounts on its platform "generated approximately 1.4 million automated, election-related tweets, which collectively received approximately 288 million impressions" just from September 1 to November 15 past year.

TRUMP: The Russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever.

Trade wars are a particularly unnerving prospect for many exporters in other countries, since retaliatory actions can spiral out of control.

"You have to be very vigilant", Trump said. "And we are having strong backup systems", he said. Thank you so much, Scott.