Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Microsoft to bring Cortana in Outlook on iOS and Android

Microsoft to bring Cortana in Outlook on iOS and Android Microsoft to bring Cortana in Outlook on iOS and Android
Sherri Watson | 07 March, 2018, 16:25

According to report from The Verge, it appears that Microsoft is now testing an integration of Cortana and Outlook mobile. The integration is aimed at helping users respond, organise and attend to emails while driving or engaged in an activity where the user is not in a position to type on the phone. The integration would allow users to access their emails using verbal commands directed at Cortana. You can connect your auto to your phone via Bluetooth and then just ask Cortana " What's my email" or ask it read messages from some specific contacts or email address. The next step is of course beta testing. The Cortana is going to be available for both, Android and iOS smartphones platforms as announced by the company itself.

The digital assistant was released back in 2014 on Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox OS.

Microsoft is reportedly testing its digital personal assistant, Cortana, within Outlook on iOS and Android. First of all, you would be able to use Cortana to both listen to emails and also reply to those emails.

The efforts of integrating Cortana into iOS and Android would be headed by the recently appointed corporate vice president of Cortana, Javier Soltero. These phrases could include "Read Messages from" and then give the name of the person you want emails read from. Also, Cortana has been good when it comes to understanding India accent, therefore it will be interesting to see how well it works in India.

We hope that within the next month or two, we will have the new Outlook mobile apps updated with this Cortana integration. It is apparent that Cortana trails behind its competitors from Google and Amazon, especially in the number of skills it can perform.