Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Man City boss Guardiola accepts yellow ribbon charge

Man City boss Guardiola continues to wear a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan separatists Man City boss Guardiola continues to wear a yellow ribbon in support of Catalan separatists
Sherri Watson | 07 March, 2018, 21:22

Pep Guardiola has accepted a Football Association (FA) charge for wearing a yellow ribbon, which the governing body deems to be a political symbol and in breach of its regulations.

The CEO of the English Football Association, the governing body of soccer in England, has apologized for mentioning the Star of David alongside the swastika as examples of religious or political symbols that can't be worn by players or managers during games.

He added: "To put it in the same bracket as the swastika and Robert Mugabe is offensive". Someone with an Isis badge?

Despite the charge, the Spaniard has been defiant in his stance, but Glenn feels there is no doubt the ribbon is a political symbol.

The four football associations of the home nations successfully lobbied for the rewording of Ifab's rule on political symbols a year ago to allow poppies to be worn on shirts.

Their written reply to the FA also makes it clear that Guardiola does not believe the yellow ribbon is a political symbol, and City also point to the FA's stance on the Poppy as being a direct comparison.

"All we are doing is even-handedly applying the laws of the game". "You can't have, and we don't want, football equipment to display political symbols", said Glenn.

That view was rejected over the weekend by Martin Glenn, although the FA chief executive's response courted unwelcome controversy for which he was forced to apologise.

Simon Johnson, the chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council and himself a former director of corporate affairs at the FA, said Glenn's comments were "offensive and inappropriate". I explained why his comments yesterday caused such serious offence.

Guardiola, despite carrying on wearing the ribbon at recent matches in defiance of the FA, has said that he would cease to do so if it started to affect the performances of his team - who are on course for the treble after winning the Carabao Cup, running away with the Premier League and heading for the Champions League quarter-finals.

The FA ruled it breached their rules on a kit and advertising regulations. The same as when I wear the prostate cancer badge.