Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Google Home in the United Kingdom now allows hands-free WiFi calling

Image Credit Shutterstock  Montri Nipitvittaya Image Credit Shutterstock Montri Nipitvittaya
Theresa Hayes | 07 March, 2018, 18:55

To work with the hands-free voice calling functionality, you just need to say "Hey, Google, Call Mike" or "Call Philip" after activating the Google Home smart speaker.

The feature will allow users to make calls to ordinary United Kingdom numbers through the Wi-Fi connection by voice command using Google Assistant.

It doesn't need to be paired with a phone to do any of this, as it's all magically conducted through Wi-Fi and your Google account somehow.

GOOGLE'S ALEXA rival Google Home has taken a massive leap in attempts to overtake the competition as it rolls out WiFi calling in the UK.

Google can already recognise different users on Assistant, so "call mum" won't lead to any embarrassing misunderstandings. If youve never placed a call with Google Home in the past, your device will tell you to go into the Home app and set up voice calling. This step is mandatory to confirm that you are the real owner.

An update rolling out this week will add the new feature to Google Home speakers around the country.

You'll be able to call anyone within your contacts list whether that's a mobile phone number or a landline. Google Assistant has also been able to place calls on an Android smartphone via voice, but using the smartphone's mobile phone contract rather than Google's free calling service.

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