Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Deontay Wilder defeats Luis Ortiz via 10th round TKO

   Deontay Wilder has called out Anthony Joshua yet again GETTY Deontay Wilder has called out Anthony Joshua yet again
Kristopher Love | 07 March, 2018, 12:46

No, Ortiz may not be quite as live as he was against Bryant Jennings back in December of 2015 and that perhaps was the wiggle room Wilder needed, but make no mistake about it, Ortiz would've defeated any other active heavyweight this past weekend whose last name isn't Wilder or Joshua. The seesaw battle saw Wilder drop and almost stop Ortiz in the fifth round, only to see Ortiz roar back and batter Wilder in the seventh round-before Wilder finally took out the Cuban southpaw in the 10th.

Wilder appeared to stun Ortiz at the end of the ninth. This was his biggest fight to date, the 40th in his career.

Still, for all the earnestness of his effort, and for the improvements trainer Mark Breland has managed to instill, the notion that Wilder will one day suffer a beheading befitting of both his shortcomings and his personality is an easy one to endorse; one made easier not only by the eye-test but by the performance of Jose Uzcategui on the undercard. He swings for the fences with reckless abandon and seems to lose his compass and balance in the process.

His chance to do just that came in the seventh, when Wilder was rocked to his core by a hail of clubbing blows.

Any opponent should avoid that hydrogen bomb at all costs.

Sure, Wilder's approach of throwing wild haymaker after wild haymaker looked amateurish, but it got the job done in a hard fight. A display of power and athleticism put Ortiz down with over a half the round remaining.

He also showed he has heart and a chin.

"Don't take unnecessary risks with the right hand until we wear Ortiz down".

"I already did you a favour by fighting Luis Ortiz because you ducked him". He's a polarising figure in boxing. The two were supposed to meet previous year, but the bout was scrapped after Ortiz failed a drug test, per ESPN.com's Dan Rafael.

I'm not entirely sure where I stand with all of it, to be honest. "Salute to the homie Lil Kim for her fantastic job last night and also placing herself in The History Books for the First Female to bring a fighter out, yet alone A World Champ Ever in World History", Wilder wrote. But Wilder's finishing work was genuinely impressive - combinations of his trademark straight rights and left hooks had Ortiz down twice in the 10th round with the decisive blow coming with a vicious right uppercut that forced the referee to intervene.

While his age is and was a factor, had that concrete right hand not caught him he was on his way to a points victory.

I got a letter, and I will quote it from Eddie.

All three judges had Wilder ahead at the time of the stoppage which I thought was ludicrous even with the knockdown.

"I will get the respective profits and losses to you this week for discussion", meaning what we would make in the United Kingdom versus what we would make in the US.

"This was a signature win against a Luis Ortiz who everyone in the division has ducked".

At long last, the heavyweight division has some worthy adversaries pounding away.

"I am the most risky man in the world, I am the baddest man on the planet".

Well, yeah - Wilder certainly took his share of them.

He said at the meeting, "I think we could do bigger business in Las Vegas because I could bring over 20,000 Brits who will spend more money just like they did for Ricky Hatton".