Monday, 21 January, 2019

Colbert gets hologram of 'God' to encourage Oprah 2020 run

Colbert gets hologram of 'God' to encourage Oprah 2020 run
Stacy Diaz | 07 March, 2018, 18:31

The actress and talk show maven generated presidential buzz earlier this year after giving a rousing speech at the Golden Globe Awards.

After Oprah firmly explained the talkativeness of her co-stars from A Wrinkle In Time, as well as her intense dislike of gum chewing, Colbert joked, "are you going to yell through this entire interview?"

Former FBI director James Comey is set to make an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

"'God, if you think I'm supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it, '" she quipped.

After God confessed to being a big fan of Winfrey's, she chuckled, "That's great to hear".

"All I can say, God, is that running is now part of my exercise routine, I can tell you that", Winfrey chuckled.

"I'm a huge fan", said the cartoon of God projected on the stained-glass dome atop the Ed Sullivan Theater in NY.

"Oh yeah. I hear thou seekest a sign?" God asked Oprah before proceeding to hold up an actual sign reading, "Run!" "There are a lot of people out there who would like to see you be President of the United States", Colbert said. "Oprah", she told him. "People never leave money for the housekeepers in a hotel (and) I usually just leave the money on the pillow, but this time I put it all over the room: under the desk, on the counter with the M&Ms, in the shower".