Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Bespoke McLaren Senna Carbon Theme by MSO makes Geneva appearance

Bespoke McLaren Senna Carbon Theme by MSO makes Geneva appearance Bespoke McLaren Senna Carbon Theme by MSO makes Geneva appearance
Sherri Watson | 07 March, 2018, 12:45

This is especially big news from a manufacturer that targets the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti; not to mention that McLaren already has legendary exotic cars like the F1 and P1 on its automotive resume.

At this stage we do know that power from the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 will be increased by 24bhp to a massive 813bhp, and that McLaren will also fit a race-style transmission, Pirelli slicks, and revised double-wishbone suspension. The front and rear diffusers are absolutely enormous for track purposes.

The standard Senna - dubbed McLaren's fastest road-legal track auto - had already set a notable benchmark for its more expensive sibling; selling out before a single customer had seen the 800hp model in the flesh.

McLaren will begin assembling the GTRs at its Woking, UK plant sometime in 2019, and is gauging the interest of potential customers at Geneva with a price tag of $1.39 million (Rs 9.03 crore approximately).

"The track-only McLaren Senna GTR will have more power, more grip and more downforce - up to 1,000kg - than the McLaren Senna and post even faster lap times; the very limited number of customers who secure this auto will be buying the closest experience you can get to a race vehicle without actually lining up on a circuit grid".

Based on the recently introduced Senna road auto, the Senna GTR delivers more horsepower, more aerodynamic grip, and even more exclusivity. "The McLaren Senna GTR Concept unveiled in Geneva is not the finished article but it does give a clear indication of our thinking for the auto, which promises to be the most extreme and exciting McLaren to drive for many years, if not ever". However, new front and rear fender and door designs for the carbon fiber body help improve aerodynamics. The rear deck is the lowest of any McLaren and aids both aerodynamic performance and cooling, as well as helping to optimise the performance of the active rear wing. "It's the fastest road-legal track vehicle, and it lets us take things like light weight and huge downforce to push boundaries". While a track special variant was always said to be in McLaren's game plan, it is apparently fervent buyer demand which is at the root of the car's appearance at Geneva.

Called the McLaren Senna Carbon Theme by McLaren Special Operations, it's one of five unique visual themes cooked up by MSO for the new Senna, and showcases the auto in nearly naked carbon-fibre.