Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Water, water everywhere except the kitchen sink

People leaving taps on to avoid freezing has depleted supplies People leaving taps on to avoid freezing has depleted supplies
Nellie Chapman | 06 March, 2018, 16:52

Hundreds of thousands of people in Dublin have been affected by restrictions, which could continue for a number of days, possibly weeks.

Irish Water general manager Eamon Gallen said the utility was aiming to minimise the impact on customers by introducing the restrictions "out of hours at night, where possible".

Water supply to more than 1.2 million buildings across Dublin will be restricted overnight.

Eamon Gallen, general manager at Irish Water, said an algae bloom in Vartry was also causing problems, making supply very hard to manage.

Estates and Facilities has appealed in an email to all students and faculty for the conservation of water usage on campus following last week's extreme weather.

Elsewhere, a "do not drink" order has been issued for people on the Fethard public water supply system in County Tipperary.

Those without water are include just over 300 in Cork; 800 in Williamstown in Galway; just over 1,000 in Tuosist in Kerry; 300 in south Dublin; and just over 2,300 in Waterford; and nearly 7,000 in Wexford.

Irish Water is especially appealing to anyone with an outside tap to ensure that it is securely turned off.

He said the plant, which was recently opened, will require major remediation works.

In all 11,600 people are without water and an additional 126k have restricted supply due to low levels in reservoirs.

While hospitals on the network have been prioritised and have water diverted to them.

The depleted reservoir levels around the country are partly due to households and businesses that chose to leave taps running to prevent pipes from freezing.

He said that efforts were being made to clean water as fast as possible.

"Because I think even to get back to the baseline leakage level which we had a week ago which wasn't satisfactory in this area where we only have two or three percent headroom at any one time, it means that we are under pressure now to manage pressure, to try and balance water between reservoirs so we can keep all areas of the region supplied and hopefully not have significant outages of water".

He urged households to conserve water by limiting use of washing machines and dishwashers, having shorter showers and turning the tap off when brushing teeth.