Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals Release Date

Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals Release Date Luke Cage Season 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals Release Date
Stacy Diaz | 06 March, 2018, 19:06

Netflix finally announced the premiere date of season two of Marvel's Luke Cage. "Step up. I'm right here". Marvel's Luke Cage is Executive Produced by series Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker (SouthLAnd, Ray Donovan) and Jeph Loeb (Marvel's Daredevil, Marvel's Jessica Jones), who also serves as Marvel's Head of Television. But the hero's newfound status has increased his need to protect his community and tests the limits of who he can and can't save. But when a new enemy emerges with powers beyond anything he's faced before, Luke is forced to determine how far he'll take his vigilantism, toying with the murky boundary that lies between being a hero and a villain. The action-packed drama will return on June 22, 2018 with Mike Colter reprising his role as Luke Cage.

Indeed he is. According to Netflix's official synopsis for season 2, Luke has become a well-known hero in Harlem since he saved the city and cleared his name.

Mustafa Shakir (The Deuce) and Gabrielle Dennis (Rosewood) were added for Season 2, whose first episode was directed by actress Lucy Liu (Charlie's Angels). The second season of Jessica Jones, the series where Cage first appeared, is set to premiere later this week, on March 8.

Season 2 arrives in the aftermath of Black Panther, another culturally relevant Marvel story that redefined superhero filmmaking, and like that movie, stars a predominantly black cast. The new season starts streaming on June 22.

No one's a match for Luke Cage.

It's been a while since the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Luke Cage got a chance to just go home to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little time to himself-he's been busy saving the world and whatnot.