Monday, 10 December, 2018

Red warning now in place

Red warning now in place Red warning now in place
Nellie Chapman | 04 March, 2018, 02:19

Mr Yousaf told BBC Radio Scotland: "There is a possibility that the amber warning could be in some areas upgraded to a red".

But is there any truth to it?

"Even after the red warning is lifted, large parts of Scotland will still be subject to high level amber weather warnings for snow". The disruption caused during the prolonged, heavy snowfall and strong winds means police and their partner agencies are still dealing with a number of issues right across our transport network, mostly on our roads.

Are driving bans for children under 16 driving up insurance premiums?

Insurance companies have stated that comprehensive insurance will cover any damage caused to a person's vehicle by the storm.

A wind warning is in place until midday today for the east midlands to the northwest.

The latest red weather warning comes into force at 3pm today and lasts until 2am.

Yellow warnings for snow and ice will be in place going into the weekend, with plenty of cloud and limited bright spells expected, the Met Office warned.

Up to 10cm of snow fell in many areas overnight as Britain's Met Office warned that "snow showers or longer periods of snow are expected on Tuesday, accompanied by very low temperatures". Across the north-east - from Buckie - we will have frequent and heavy snow showers throughout Wednesday.

'Long delays and cancellations on bus, rail and air travel could occur.

"The warning area has been updated to extend it further west across central and northern parts of the United Kingdom, whilst removing the far SE of England".

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: "If you don't have to go anywhere over the next few days, stay at home".

Then on Friday, a yellow warning for snow and ice covering the whole of Kent will come into force for nearly 24 hours.

A yellow severe weather warning has been put in place, meaning the forecast has a medium likelihood of being correct and will have a high impact.

The Met Office said rural communities could be cut off, with power outages and disruption to mobile phone services likely.

"As it comes into contact with the very cold air resident over the United Kingdom, it has potential to produce widespread snow, accompanied by strong to gale force winds".