Saturday, 21 July, 2018

How Scotland fared with the Beast from the East

London snow tower bridge YoutubeTower Bridge was obscured during severe flurries on Tuesday
Nellie Chapman | 04 March, 2018, 16:31

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri, said:"After the severe cold weather and snow we've had this week the good news is that temperatures will slowly increase from the south".

As things finally warm up, Met Office forecasters said temperatures could climb to as high as 7C for parts of Wales and the South West on Saturday. The snow will become confined to higher ground though. They warn of treacherous conditions over the next few days and well into the weekend.

Risk to life warnings have been lifted across much of Britain, but have been extended in Northern Ireland with a red "take-action" warning across the east.

Hundreds of schools were forced to close, including more than 125 in North Yorkshire and more than 330 across Kent, giving thousands of children a second snow day.

The weather front comes as the United Kingdom reels from the effects of recent snow storms and just hours after a red alert for Scotland ended at 10am.

The Royal Air Force was drafted in to help relief efforts in snow-hit Lincolnshire.

Passengers were stuck overnight on freezing cold trains that had lost power as record levels of snow were seen in some parts of the U.K. Some passengers were even caught on camera sleeping on overhead luggage racks.

In Dublin, just hours after the city's worst snowstorm in decades, a Lidl supermarket was looted using a JCB digger to break down the wall.

Photos have been shared on social media of shops in snow-hit areas of Scotland showing empty shelves as basics like bread and milk ran out.

"Our Dublin short-haul flight schedule for today will be disrupted with early morning flights cancelled and most operations not commencing until after 10am", a spokesperson said.

There are also closures to main roads, including the A303 in the south of England, A1 in the Northeast and the Transpennine routes M61, A628 and A66.