Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Action must be taken on gun control, NOW

Catholics urge political leaders to take steps to curb gun violence Action must be taken on gun control, NOW
Nellie Chapman | 04 March, 2018, 09:24

That really got old, as it was an obvious way of avoiding the issue.

We can not and should not accept tactics by the NRA that blame media or justify tragedies as abstractions.

Among truly democratic, developed countries, people see society and government in one of two ways.

Adding more guns to the mix - the idea that armed "good guys" can protect us from "bad guys" - falls apart when one envisions police arriving at the scene of a shootout and having to sort out who among the gun-bearers is "good" and who is "bad". They have exercised free speech and broken no laws. Democracies in which this view prevails include Canada and the countries of Western Europe.

Children of America told their parents what has become understood as a basic truth in almost every other country in the world: guns don't kill people, people with easy access to guns kill people. In that role, he has recently made some remarks regarding the use and purchase of guns that affect all of us. Despite the horrific massacres performed by these weapons, the second amendment still is being clung to in a defense against the growing support for gun control. But it also said that, like all guaranteed rights, this freedom is not absolute and may be subject to some reasonable limits short of denying the right itself.

Llewellyn King's February 25 Commentary piece, "My failed love affair with guns", was an extremely well- written account of a gun advocate's metamorphosis on gun ownership, especially assault rifles. The mental health of American society may be fragile, but the more disturbing realization is that much of America is armed and risky. Also, students themselves are rising up in huge numbers to demand stronger gun control measures.

The American frontier is gone, though some of its rules and practices continue.

US gun culture needs to change.

I am aware that the greater majority of gun owners in the USA are law abiding citizens who would most likely not use their weapons in destructive ways. We should hold our elected leaders to action on gun reform, rather than excuse them for accepting money meant to spread helplessness.

The company's CEO said the Parkland shooter bought a gun from one of its stores past year.

The world's biggest investment management firm is stepping up pressure on companies that make and sell guns after the Florida school shooting. This is nothing less than a full-scale revolt against the NRA's gun absolutism.

Many pro-gun supporters love the mantra, "Guns don't kill people-people kill people". As gun safety advocates rallied outside the capital and filled the gallery at the state house, three different Republican House bills died in a committee meeting after hours of debate last week. For example, a person without health insurance could oppose the Affordable Care Act, because the GOP supports his or her gun rights. Others are opposition to abortion and same sex marriage.

This gun control debate appears to be following in the footsteps of Sandy Hook.

"REI does not sell guns".