Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Gov. Scott announces school safety plan in West Palm Beach

Gov. Scott announces school safety plan in West Palm Beach Gov. Scott announces school safety plan in West Palm Beach
Melissa Porter | 03 March, 2018, 06:28

The gun owner and husband of a teacher says Scott is missing the point.

TAMPA — Some of the biggest names in Tampa Bay law enforcement and education are rallying behind a plan by Gov. Rick Scott to improve safety at schools and keep guns from unsafe people.

"We do have the money".

"There is nothing more important than to make sure these schools are safe", said Scott.

Scott arrived in Tampa to discuss his $500-million plan to keep students safe.

And dollars would go toward an anonymous see-something-say-something hotline and app. "Given that the issues of bureaucratic incompetence, school safety and mental health demand immediate attention, I'm disappointed that the Florida Legislature is rushing to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens".

"They (parents) should know that if they send their child to a school, that they are going to come back safely". He encourages locals to contact their state representatives and senators about the issue.

"We'll have time to debate this stuff", he said the day after the shooting, according to the Miami New Times.

"We had Timothy McVeigh use fertilizer to kill 168 people in Oklahoma; in NY and Europe, people used vehicles; the bombing in Boston used pressure cookers", he said.

"Better to focus on denying firearms to unsafe individuals, which avoids infringing on constitutional rights and is also more likely to be effective", DeSantis said in a statement.

On armed personnel at schools, both Williams and Scott believe that security presence should be provided by professionals, not teachers. Jose Oliva, R, as calling teachers with guns "the last line of defense". Heberlein joined a small group of demonstrators who gathered outside the Sheriffs Office during Scotts appearance holding signs with slogans such as "Ban Rick Scott" and "Most Pro-gun Governor in Florida History".

It would also require anyone in the state wanting to purchase a firearm to be 21 or older and would ban the purchasing and selling of bump stocks, according to WZZM.

In Alachua County, all public schools already have a resource officer assigned to each, Director of Communications Jackie Johnson said.

Despite his issues with some of the governor's ideas, Heberlein agrees with him on the opposition to arming teachers. "Lauderdale (airport shooting).why now?" The status quo has been changed on the shooting. "We have to make sure Florida is never the same". "We have the resources to do it", Scott said.