Sunday, 18 November, 2018

Dropbox will soon bring Google Suite to you

Dropbox will soon bring Google Suite to you Dropbox will soon bring Google Suite to you
Theresa Hayes | 03 March, 2018, 04:27

The plan is that later in the year, G Suite customers will benefit from full integration with Dropbox, giving users the ability to create (as well as edit) Google Docs, Sheets and Slides files within Dropbox.

Dropbox recently announced greater integration with Microsoft Outlook and Adobe XD CC, making its cloud storage offering even more attractive.

Yesterday, Google announced that they are launching Hangouts Chat, finally bringing it out of beta.

Dropbox is also planning further integrations with both Gmail and Hangouts Chat.

Starting this week, organizations can use the feature to enable better collaboration among members of distributed project teams. Under this Google ecosystem, you can now work together with teams and chat, video conference, share documents, access cloud storage and more.

Hangouts Chat is available from the web browser, or from iOS and Android apps. Google also brings its artificial intelligence technology to speed up manual workflows to book conferencing rooms and quickly find files by predicting what you might need. Given the similarities between Google Docs and Office, it isn't a stretch to assume that the new partnership will work in a similar way.

And the Hangouts Chat integration will facilitate searching for, and sharing, Dropbox files within a hangout.

Google's Hangouts Chat developer platform and API gives organizations a way to build and to integrate their own bots with the messaging platform. Similarly, a Meet bot uses Google Calendar to schedule meetings for the user. On top of that, Dropbox said it will create additional native G Suite integrations with Gmail and Hangouts Chat, which will allow users to select and generate Dropbox file links from directly within Gmail.

Others, namely Google, rely on researching and developing software, programs, and applications that can't be held in one's hand, or touched like a smartphone or computer could. "For example, a bot can take a location from a user, look it up using the Google Maps API and display the resulting map right within the same message thread in Hangouts Chat", the two product managers said.