Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Walmart Raises Minimum Age to Buy Guns and Ammunition to 21

Walmart Raises Minimum Age to Buy Guns and Ammunition to 21 Walmart Raises Minimum Age to Buy Guns and Ammunition to 21
Nellie Chapman | 02 March, 2018, 10:22

Kroger Co., the largest grocery chain in the US, is joining Walmart Inc. and Dick's Sporting Goods tightening gun restrictions following last month's school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The news comes amid a broad public push to tighten gun regulations in the wake of a mass shooting at a Florida high school on February 14 that left 17 people dead.

Although the 19-year-old gunman did not use that firearm - a shotgun - in the shooting, Stack said the revelation profoundly affected him and his coworkers at the company.

"In light of recent events, we've taken an opportunity to review our policy on firearm sales".

As major retailers such as Fred Meyer, Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods voluntarily lift the age of those to whom they will sell firearms, we harken back to the story of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Gresham bakery that made national headlines when the owners denied service to a lesbian couple.

The announcement follows similar moves by Walmart Inc and Dick's Sporting Goods Inc on Wednesday, two weeks after social media-savvy students ignited an intense debate on gun control in the United States following a deadly shooting spree at their Florida high school. Dick's never sold assault weapons.

We will no longer sell assault-style rifles, also referred to as modern sporting rifles.

Last week other companies, including airlines, insurers and vehicle rental chains announced the end of promotions with the National Rifle Association, revealing a partial shift in U.S. gun politics amid fervent student-led activism and intense social media campaigns.

Walmart announced that it will raise the age of those who can purchase firearms at its stores to 21.

Sporting goods chain Bass Pro Shops, which owns Cabela's, didn't respond to requests for comment. But we have to help solve the problem that's in front of us.

Jamie Pelletier, manager of J.T. Reid's Guns & Cigars on Court Street in Auburn, said the store is following federal law regarding gun restrictions. As we refresh stores we are often transitioning gun departments due to softer demand and changing customer preferences. "These kids talk about enough is enough", Stack said.

Stack said he knew the company's decision would upset some customers, but he cited the passionate response by the students and families in Parkland. He also called for the closure of the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks.

Bradley noted the inconsistency around preventing people under 21 from purchasing guns when America allows them to go to war.

"The laws that they're talking about, we don't personally believe will do any good to keep people - to keep guns out of criminals' hands", Wilkerson said.

"You talk about an industry that's scrutinized by the government, boy", he said. According to the company's website, DICK'S Sporting Goods operates more than 840 stores across the USA from its Pittsburgh HQ: 715 as DICK'S Sporting Goods Stores and more than 125 combined Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream locations.