Friday, 19 October, 2018

Sleeping man says he didn't mean to take $1600 Uber ride

Sleeping man says he didn't mean to take $1600 Uber ride Sleeping man says he didn't mean to take $1600 Uber ride
Nellie Chapman | 02 March, 2018, 09:37

"I probably spent like $200 at the bar after already drinking all day", Bachman said.

'That's insane. Why did you agree to take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?' " Bachman told the station about the sobering moment when he realised what he had done.

"Afterwards, I had it fully sink in", Mr Bachman told NJ Advance Media.

Bachman ordered a Uber ride home - not to his memory - and fell asleep while inside the vehicle.

Added our collective hero, 'I was just like, 'That's insane.

After a night of partying with buddies in Morgantown, W.V. last Friday, Kenny Bachman thought he had called an Uber to take him back to where he was staying near West Virginia University's campus.

Kenneth adds that he accidentally ordered a more expensive UberXL, and had no choice but to pay the fare. But one New Jersey native recently took the blackout Uber ride of a lifetime. Then blacked out after he got into the vehicle.

But he's maintaining his sense of humor about the incident, telling CBS Philly that "I'm heading back to West Virginia this weekend to pick up my bags so if you guys see me say, 'what's up!'"

"Obviously I sent the Uber, I don't know where to, I know I wouldn't send it to my house, I knew where I was", he said. The trip is around 300 miles and the bill came out to $1,635.93.

On top of the Uber fee, the driver didn't have money for tolls, so he was fined at every tollbooth.

The base fare was $3.94, the booking fee was $2.35 and it cost $696.95 for distance.

Despite giving the driver a five-star rating, Bachman challenged the charge, saying he didn't insert his home address and the driver had used his phone to answer a phone call while he was sleeping. Uber also connected with Bachman and resolved the matter, which ended with him agreeing to pay the fare.