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Vero Hands-On: Is This the New Instagram?

Vero Hands-On: Is This the New Instagram? Vero Hands-On: Is This the New Instagram?
Theresa Hayes | 01 March, 2018, 23:08

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications globally, as it registers an unprecedented 800 million users on a monthly basis. "Perhaps the app's biggest differentiator from current social networks is that it sorts posts in reverse-chronological feed, not algorithmically", it writes. What's the deal with the new social media sensation? People are increasingly upset with algorithms in general, especially Instagram's. Launched in 2015, Vero is blowing up right now. (I spent several hours this morning trying to log on to no avail, and got a lot of "Hold Tight" and "Please Try Again Later" notifications.) Which they should probably do soon if they don't want people to jump ship before the good ship Vero ever has a chance to set sail.

"The greatest social network is the one that interacts between people. For me, it's just people who have passions", Hariri said.

Vero is nearly proud of this, letting you know in the email you get upon signing up that "We are still building things, and expect to have occasional days of service outages and possibly even some dramatic changes".

As Vero doesn't use traditional paid-for advertising, it will gain most of its revenue from an annual subscription fee paid for by its users, which isn't yet in effect. It also asks for a "full name" instead of a username.

Vero Error Messages and ProblemsBe prepared for a decent amount of Vero problems as the app deals with new users.

There have been various reported technical issues that have come with the increase of interest in the app over recent days. But when I went to log in, I was on this screen for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, Vero will need to make money to cover expenses.

As Metro reports, users are simply loving the more simplistic concept of the app, harking back to the old days when social media wasn't treated like a cash cow. In addition to its sluggish and buggy nature, the layout is just confusing.

Vero Hands-On: Is This the New Instagram?

The feed is the first thing you'll see when you open the app but you can also get to it by clicking the "VERO" logo in the top-left corner - that'll take you back home and you can see everything that everyone is doing.

Vero is a social network, so you should treat it like Facebook or Instagram when deciding if it is safe for your kid to use. This is just poor design.

The app is rather hard to use and find your way around. It's not under the magnifying glass icon like you would expect. I've covered all my bases. Though that is not clearly stated. Somewhere to keep tabs on stuff you want to save for later. Vero must bolster their underlying infrastructure if they plan on acquiring new users and dethroning the current reigning benchmarks of social media.

My loading woes unfortunately did not end at the sign up.

For the record here, I did this on my office and home Wi-Fi, so my connection was not the problem here.

But there is concern that Vero's T&Cs give it copyright ownership over your photos, giving them the right to use content in posts without paying royalties. With Vero, the first million subscribers get access to the app for free, and the rest pay a monthly fee-the price is yet to be disclosed.