Thursday, 20 September, 2018

British man assaults Sikh environmentalist, shouts 'go home Muslim'

Sikh man attacked in UK Image credit @ecosikh Twitter
Nellie Chapman | 24 February, 2018, 17:53

"Just before we got to the entrance he came up to me and attacked me", Singh said, the Independent reported.

'I kept shouting what's this, stop it.

The alleged attacker reportedly said "Muslim go home" and made a grab at Singh's turban, before fleeing the scene.

Ravneet Singh, from Punjab, India, was queuing up to meet Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Desi outside Portcullis House in London when the assault took place.

"While consoling Ravneet, I actually felt embarrassed that he would be left with a personal scar from his visit, while also giving him a negative perception of our country", Dehsi added. I was distreessed when I had to deal with such racist behaviour, but coped thanks to family and friends.

"I thought at the time that was due to the perpetrator being a kid and not understanding the importance of a turban for the Sikh identity", he said. I could not make out much of what he said but I did hear him use the words Muslim and go back. Reports say that police received a call at 5.20pm that a man was assaulted outside Portcullis House, which is adjacent to the the Houses of Parliament. Officers from Westminster are investigating.

Police said no arrest has been made so far and they were probing the case.

"Disgusted to discover today that someone filled with hatred tried to pull off the turban of one of my guests standing in line outside @UKParliament".

The President of EcoSikh, an organisation set up to connect Sikh values with initiatives to counter climate change, also condemned the attack on the group's representative. "Later he shook my turban, we realised that it had to be a racist attack".

Last June, an airline passenger mocked a Sikh mans turban and suggested he was a "terrorist" in a series of racist Snapchat posts that sparked outrage on social media.