Thursday, 15 November, 2018

Why Joss Whedon Just Dropped Out of Directing 'Batgirl'

Joss Whedon Leaves DC Batgirl Movie Why Joss Whedon Just Dropped Out of Directing 'Batgirl'
Stacy Diaz | 23 February, 2018, 01:34

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Whedon likely would have also faced greater criticism as a man writing a movie about a prominent female hero, with its sources comparing it to if a white director had taken on Black Panther.

The Batgirl movie is in need of a new director. Whedon's version of Batgirl, it was reported, would have been based on a recent run of comics written by Gail Simone that featured Barbara back in action but still traumatized to some degree.

"Geoff and Toby" are DC president Geoff Johns and Warners Picture Group president Toby Emmerich.

Following his stint at Marvel Studios, Whedon hopped over to the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe to oversee the infamous Justice League reshoots, in which he streamlined the story and added in several comedic scenes, which in turn earned him a screenwriting credit on the film.

Less than a year after announcement, Joss Whedon is off of the upcoming Batgirl movie.

Whedon's exit, though, is not altogether surprising.

As for what's next for Whedon, he's returning to his signature creation Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a new Dark Horse Comics series, and after that? A decade ago, Whedon was actually attached to write and direct Wonder Woman, and the draft leaked previous year was criticized for "constantly sexualizing and demeaning its lead character, it's like an evil mirror universe version of the movie we eventually got". And, I'm not sure if you heard, but the female-centric Wonder Woman movie did, um, pretty well for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

On paper, this seemingly makes Whedon a flawless fit for Batgirl, based on the version of the character that it was alleged he'd be adapting. Let us know in the comments section below.