Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Parks and Rec Stars Not Happy NRA Used Amy Poehler GIF

Giggle At The NRA Getting Pounded By The ‘Parks And Rec’ Crew On Twitter By Steffanie Tan
Stacy Diaz | 23 February, 2018, 01:32

Following a CNN town hall with survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, the National Rifle Association tweeted out praise for its spokeswoman who attended the event.

Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur are not amused by the NRA invoking Leslie Knope.

Poehler herself isn't on Twitter, but Schur added that she had sent him a text, asking him to pass along a "fuck off" to the NRA. The NRA seems to have mostly ignored these requests, as the tweet still remains, unfazed by their misappropriation of a character that stands in direct opposition of their values.

Schur's response was pretty polite to start off, at least until he also shared Poehler's reaction to the NRA's use of her face.

Nick Offerman, who played the Parks and Recreation Department boss Ron Swanson, also chimed in on Twitter and didn't censor his thoughts on the NRA's use of the GIF. Loesch was congratulated by her employer for a job well done via tweet that included Poehler's Leslie Knope character saying "thank you". Shur wrote "Hi, please take this down".

Such is what happened Wednesday night when the NRA tweeted a supportive "thank you" to spokesperson Dana Loesch for being the voice of its "over five million members".

And fellow star Adam Scott, who played Ben Wyatt on the show, cut right to the chase, writing, "Hey @nra please stay the f.k away from Leslie Knope".

The NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation" was a show about the power of community and civic engagement that was created and run by outspoken gun lobby critic Michael Schur.

Nice to see the Parks and Rec family still has each other's backs.

As of early Thursday morning, the NRA's tweet had not been removed.

Each massacre sparked a nationwide discussion on mental health issues and gun control.