Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Brendan Fraser: I was groped by former HFPA president

Brendan Fraser: I was groped by former HFPA president Brendan Fraser: I was groped by former HFPA president
Stacy Diaz | 23 February, 2018, 06:57

He then used his other hand to touch Frasier's buttocks.

The allegation comes in a current GQ profile of Fraser titled "What Ever Happened to Brendan Fraser?". According to Fraser, though, it wasn't a joke, and he was overcome with fear and had to remove Berk's hand. But, the incident stuck with the actor and he asked the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for a written apology and was told that Berk would never be allowed in a room with him again. While he managed to get something of an apology from Berk and the HFPA, the executive still admitted no wrongdoing. Beck mentioned the incident in his 2014 memoir, but said he only touched Frasier's backside "in jest".

"The charge of a sexual innuendo is a total fabrication and a desperate attempt by Fraser to rescucitate (sic) his career", Berk told CNN.

Fraser said he rushed out of the hotel and passed a police officer on his way, but admitted he could not bring himself to report it. He claims the incident occurred in 2003 after Berk approached him for what he thought was a handshake.

The actor considered going public with the assault at the time, but decided against it as he did not want it to become "part of [his] narrative".

"I felt ill", he says.

In this case, however, the performer - the one who retreated from Hollywood after the incident, and who anxious about being blacklisted - was not Rose McGowan or Asia Argento or Salma Hayek, but Brendan Fraser.

"You feel like: I didn't measure up". He also alleges that after 2003, he was rarely invited to the Golden Globes, a statement Berk, who is still an HFPA member, denies. "In my mind, at least, something had been taken away from me", he said. However, he has been watching as the #MeToo movement swept Hollywood, and applauded women like Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, and Mira Sorvino for speaking out. Absolutely", Fraser said. "Do I feel like I need to say something?

While numerous most high-profile Hollywood stars to report sexual harassment or assault have been female, the experiences are common for men too, according to a survey released Wednesday by the group Stop Street Harassment. Absolutely. Have I stopped myself?

Now, in a GQ interview published on Thursday, February 22, the 49-year-old revealed the reason he made a decision to step out of the spotlight.

"Am I still frightened?" he said "Absolutely. I just know what my truth is". For someone who's been known for his roles in energetic action movies, you can imagine such injuries and health issues would pose more than just a bit of a problem, and would effect his ability to complete that all-important stunt work.

"The HFPA stands firmly against sexual harassment and the type of behavior described in this article..." "Over the years we've continued a positive working relationship with Brendan, which includes announcing Golden Globe nominees, attending the ceremony and participating in press conferences". The alleged incident left Fraser shaken.

He's now making the move into TV, starring in an upcoming series called Trust, which focuses on the 1973 abduction of John Paul Getty III - the heir to the Getty Oil company and also the subject of 2017 flick All The Money In The World.