Wednesday, 24 October, 2018

Amazon plans to open six more cashierless Go stores, Recode says

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Nellie Chapman | 23 February, 2018, 12:31

As many as six Amazon Go locations could open in 2018, sources familiar with Amazon's plans have informed Recode.

Amazon is reportedly eyeing at least three locations in Seattle, where the first Amazon Go is based and where the company has its global headquarters.

The fourth rumoured location is in Grove shopping centre in Los Angeles with reports suggesting Amazon are already in talks with the centres owner Rick Caruso.

Amazon's cashierless store officially opened on January 22 after almost a year of delay.

Amazon did not immediately respond to an inquiry from BuzzFeed News.

It is not yet clear where the two other potential locations could be, but the United Kingdom is also thought to be a possibility.

All items are scanned as they are picked up from the shelves and are automatically deleted from the customer's account if they are put back.

Amazon is hoping that by making convenience store trips even faster, it will raise the bar for brick-and-mortar shopping in much the same way that Amazon Prime did for online shopping and delivery. For those unfamiliar, Amazon Go is Amazon's take on the supermarket of the future, where through the use of various scanners, sensors, and cameras, shoppers won't need to lineup and pay for their groceries like they normal do. It's part of the company's larger brick-and-mortar ambitions, which include a stepped-up push into groceries with the Whole Foods Market acquisition as well as the opening of about a dozen book stores in such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and NY. More recently, Amazon was said to prepare a new shipping service in Los Angeles that would pit it against the big industry carriers UPS and FedEx.

Amazon's new Amazon Go store is something that we have never seen before. Since the Amazon Go model does not involve customers checking out, there are no cashiers working in the stores.