Monday, 10 December, 2018

Here's when your McDonald's will have Szechuan Sauce

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Nellie Chapman | 22 February, 2018, 12:26

For the uninitiated, Szechuan Sauce was last widely available for a brief time in 1998 when it was a product tie-in for Disney's "Mulan". We will also answer those questions and share those stories via a stranger-than-fiction, three-part podcast series: "The Sauce". Fans of the show petitioned McDonald's to reintroduce the sauce, and McDonald's brought it back for one day only, last October 7.

McDonald's is desperately trying to avoid another Szechuan sauce fiasco. We'll update you tomorrow when the company announced the official McDonald's Szechuan sauce release date. McDonald's is distributing 20 million sauce packs across the country in an effort to prevent shortages. On April 1, 2017 during the first episode of the third season in a dream sequence, Rick goes to a McDonald's within his memory to taste the Szechuan sauce one more time.

What are your thoughts on the Szechuan Sauce?

A random reply from the company's Twitter account to Andy J revealed that we really were finally going to get some answers, and a McDonald's Szechuan sauce release date. "We have hundreds of packets per restaurant to satisfy that sauce craving, so we encourage customers to get 'em while we've got 'em". The diehard fans, some of whom had shown up at the locations as early as 4 a.m., were furious at McDonald's.

Rick and Morty fans: settle down. By the end of the episode, he seems to go insane as he tells Morty that he will one day get more of the precious Szechuan sauce.

There are more than 14,000 McDonald's restaurants nationwide. The next day, McDonald's had to offer fans an apology online.

A press release from McDonald's addressed the pandemonium that broke out in October, saying the company had the best intentions but admitting it went very wrong.

The podcast (and the secret to scoring more sauce, perhaps) will hit on February 22. And, on Monday, "Rick and Morty" fans and haters alike will finally be able to find out if Szechuan McNuggets dipping sauce lives up to the hype.