Wednesday, 21 November, 2018

Florida House rejects considering ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

Cruz appears in court for a status hearing in Fort Lauderdale Florida House rejects considering ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
Melinda Barton | 22 February, 2018, 04:36

U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday that arming teachers could help prevent massacres such as last week's mass shooting at a Florida high school.

While the students were en route to Tallahassee, the Florida House of Representatives voted against moving a bill banning assault weapons from committee to the floor for a vote.

"It pains me to see that knowing that 17 of my classmates are dead and they just want to talk about gun control", he told the Daily Wire.

Some Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, who had met with lawmakers earlier in the day, were in the public gallery watching while the move was rejected. "Currently, all we do is turn off the lights, lock the door and sit in the corner of the classroom", Little said.

State lawmakers did, however, support a proposal to enhance security at schools in Florida, including putting law enforcement offices in all schools, the Associated Press reported.

Students at more than a dozen high schools across the Bay Area are planning walkouts next month to pressure Congress to pass stricter gun laws.

WUSA-9 reports that students from Richard Montgomery, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Blair and other Maryland and D.C. schools are taking part in the walk-out, which began at 9:30 a.m. Yet as they fight to change the future, more questions are emerging about the suspected school shooter's past.

Emma Gonzales, among many students in Florida, is advocating for gun control, explaining that older arguments that guns are as unsafe as knives and that gun control will not reduce gun violence is "BS". They grilled the state senate president Joe Negron on Wednesday over assault rifle regulations.

"If you're not with us, you're against us, and you're against saving the lives of innocent children", Chris Grady, a 19-year-old student, said Tuesday.

Scott organized three committees to look at school safety, mental health and gun safety issues.

Among the groups' recommendations were metal detectors at schools, better coordination among agencies and "keeping guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill", the news service said. Police were repeatedly called to his house throughout his childhood. The gun used was reportedly an assault-style rifle - an AR-15. "This is about hope, this is about moving forward with everybody", he said.