Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Uber UK unveils swathe of new safety measures to avoid London ban

TfL to ensure private hire remains safe secure and convenient Uber UK unveils swathe of new safety measures to avoid London ban
Nellie Chapman | 18 February, 2018, 18:00

Uber will introduce better reporting of incidents to police and a 24-hour complaints hotline under plans to restore public trust in the minicab-hailing app.

In TfL's decision to strip Uber of its license previous year, the transport watchdog explicitly stated that it held issue with Uber's approach to report serious criminal offences.

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Also on Friday, Uber said that it was backing the Licensing of Taxis and PHVs (private hire vehicle) Bill now being proposed by Daniel Zeichner MP.

The Metropolitan Police said it did not wish to comment on Uber's latest announcement, but said it "would encourage anyone with information about a crime to report it to the police".

Transport for London has revealed details today (15 February) of its new policy statement which highlights how ride-sharing and app-booking services could work in the future and features a list of stringent procedures with the aim of "Ensure London remains the world leader in regulating taxi and private hire services while maintaining the safety of passengers".

The substance of Uber's appeal is due to be heard over five days from 25 June with a preliminary hearing due to take place before then in April to discuss further administrative matters.

In an effort to placate London authorities who revoked the company's license past year, Uber announced today that it was making a number of major changes to the way it reports violent incidents in the UK. It added that although this policy is already operating in London, it will roll it out across the UK.

Other changes include plans to give customers more access to driver information, including the licensing authority and private hire number of their driver.

Uber has been hit by a string of scandals including claims of poor working conditions, sexual harassment within the company, a massive data breach and theft of self-driving technology.

Tom Elvidge, General Manager of Uber in the United Kingdom, said: "After listening to feedback from drivers, riders, local regulators and the police we're introducing a number of new features and changes to enhance driver and passenger safety".

United Kingdom general manager Tom Elvidge said on Friday: "With (Other OTC: WWTH - news) millions of trips across the United Kingdom booked through our app each week, the safety of riders and drivers using Uber is a top priority".