Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Dog food is withdrawn over concerns about euthanasia drug contamination

Smucker's is recalling multiple brands of dog food Dog food is withdrawn over concerns about euthanasia drug contamination
Nellie Chapman | 17 February, 2018, 23:31

Immediately after the WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C., the recalls come into effect, as the TV said it tested 15 cans of Gravy Train, and found nine cans, or 60% of the sample, tested positive for pentobarbital. According to a 2002 FDA report, the most likely way pentobarbital could get into dog food would be in rendered animal products.

The samples were analysed to determine both the presence and the amount of pentobarbital in the dog foods, using test methods conforming to FDA protocols.

Smucker cited experts noting that the low levels of the drug cited in the report do not pose a threat to pets.

Days after lab tests were released, Smucker's, the owner of nearly all the brands in question, announced a voluntary withdrawal of products including Gravy Train, Kibbles "N Bits, Skippy and Ol" Roy lines of canned food. "While we are confident in the safety of our products, should additional actions be required, we will communicate that quickly to consumers and our retail partners". In Talula's memory, an online petition urging Smucker's to recall all dog food and only produce products that meet the same legal health standard as human food now has over 58,700 signatures. "It is possible that animals exposed to pentobarbital were included in the rendering process".

FDA is aware of these differences and has requested clarification from Smucker regarding the status of the additional products, according to a statement added to the agency's consumer alert notice several hours after its initial release.

The can of poisoned food was shared by all of Mael's five dogs. Consumers who purchased these products should safely dispose of the cans and/or contact the Sucker company for information about returning the products.

Pentobartbital was earlier found in Evanger's pet food.

The move follows the recent recall issued by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over fears that several pet food products may be contaminated with Salmonella.

In addition to certain Skippy and Kibbles "n" Bits dog foods, the Smucker pulling Gravy Train and Ol' Roy brands.