Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

United flight lands after engine cover falls apart over Pacific

Haley Ebert shows damage to an engine after parts came off the jetliner during its flight from San Francisco to Honolulu United flight lands after engine cover falls apart over Pacific
Nellie Chapman | 16 February, 2018, 03:04

A passenger onboard a flight from San Francisco to Honolulu has captured the moment when bits of the plane's engine began falling off.

Flight 1175, which was travelling to Honolulu from San Francisco, landed safely on Tuesday in Hawaii after an engine cover came off during its flight from California, the airline said.

Passenger Maria Falaschi (@mfalaschi), a marketing consultant from the San Francisco Bay Area, tweeted several photos of the plane's engine and wrote, "Scariest flight of my life #ua1175".

A video posted on Twitter by Erik Haddad, a Google engineer aboard the flight, shows the engine's casing flaking and shaking. Currently, it's believed that the cowling (AKA the covering over an airplane's engine) loosened during the flight and fell off.

The plane issued an emergency distress call but made a safe landing in Honolulu, according to reports.

Hobart said the pilots safely landed the aircraft at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, taxied to the gate, and the passengers got off the plane as they normally would.

"You could just see everyone's faces, scared", said passenger Cheryle Tillman. It said it would investigate the incident, as did the National Transportation Safety Board.

Passenger Haley Ebert posted a video on Twitter that showed the plane shaking as it descended to land.

It is now unclear what caused the part of the plane to come loose and fly off.

He later shared a photo showing an emergency manual being held up in front of a passenger window showing the damaged motor, adding: "I don't see anything about this in the manual".

Passengers tell us it all at started 40 minutes before they were about to land. "The casing to the engine had sort of flown off". The pilots declared an emergency due to vibration from the engine, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. "They handled it well", she said.