Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Boston police's Black History Month tweet about Red Auerbach called 'tone-deaf'

Donald Trump Melania Trump Jerome Adams Boston police's Black History Month tweet about Red Auerbach called 'tone-deaf'
Nellie Chapman | 16 February, 2018, 10:03

However, it was quickly panned for lauding the accomplishments of a white man in honor of Black History Month, in addition to playing into the perception of Boston as a racist city.

The Boston Police Department is facing some criticism after its official Twitter account honored a white man for Black History Month in a now-deleted tweet.

The BPD made a decision to at least attempt to make things right, posting another tweet honoring Russell for his accomplishments.

Former Boston city councilor Tito Jackson was among the legions who decried the Boston PD's tweet.

Yet today, the Boston Police Department has chosen to denigrate that heritage by praising the accomplishments of a white male exclusively because he hired a Black man.

The department later apologized for the tweet, took it down and replaced it with a tribute to Bill Russell, the first black head coach in the National Basketball Association.

During Black History Month, the accomplishments of black Americans are both remembered and celebrated. "This is inappropriate", one person responded. And what is more perplexing about this sad affair is that the Boston Police Department is headed by an African American Chief of Police who should have known better.

The Boston Police removed the tweet and issued an apology.

Twitter users immediately began criticizing the tweet calling it "tone-deaf" and "clueless" according to the Associated Press.

Cedric Maxwell, whose number hangs in the rafters at TD Garden, said there was no need to be offended by the tweet.

"There should be some level of review or scrutiny and diversity and inclusion that would have prevented it from going out in the first place", Williams said.