Monday, 21 January, 2019

Boris Johnson to expose cabinet splits with Road to Brexit speech

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Melinda Barton | 16 February, 2018, 07:14

Boris Johnson accuses anti-Brexit supporters of making a "disastrous mistake".

That's all well and good, but this is not what most Brexit supporters asked for back in June 2016.

McGrory, executive campaigner of Open Britain, said this seems a further example of division between Johnson and his cabinet colleagues, adding that "the clock is ticking and I'm not even sure the Government knows" what its position is.

Mr Johnson insisted that Brexit is a cause for hope rather than fear and again claimed that leaving the bloc would mean the United Kingdom could "stop paying huge sums" to Brussels and would be able to use some of the money to fund the NHS.

The foreign secretary left the door open to the possibility after making a long-planned speech on Brexit warning that another European Union referendum would be a "disastrous mistake". "We can not and will not let it happen", he said.

"Brexit is about re-engaging this country with its global identity and all the energy that can float from there".

"It's all about who decides", he said.

And he warned that a second vote would simply lead to "another year of wrangling and turmoil and feuding in which the whole country would be the loser".

James McGrory spoke to Julia after Johnson wrote an artice in The Sun, arguing that it will be intolerable for Britain to continue living under European Union laws after Brexit.

In his speech, Johnson alluded to people "hailing me abusively in the street" and calling to him with "cheery four letter epithets".

Juan Pujol Garcia
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He will say Remainers should not be told to "get over it" because many have "noble sentiments".

"Is this the time now for the referendum winners to gloat?" Should we sit in silent self-satisfaction?

"I do think that sometimes the discourse does become a bit polemical and I think it would be much much better if we could all get together and get behind this project".

Johnson's comments matter because he's locked in a high-stakes battle inside the Cabinet for the shape of the U.K.'s future relationship with the EU. He also used his speech to reject the notion that Brexit would result in Britain becoming more insular. "[Brexit] is not about shutting ourselves off, it's about going global".

"It is not some great "V sign" from the Cliffs of Dover".

It would also mean being able to take back control of borders and laws, he insisted.

"Boris Johnson needs to come clean and concede that we can not have our cake and eat it when leaving the EU". So when his aides brief that he is to deliver a Valentine's Day missive to Remainers, it is little surprise that they cast a jaundiced eye over the envelope.

Johnson is among favorites to replace Prime Minister Theresa May as Conservative leader.

- David Schneider (@davidschneider) February 14, 2018When Boris Johnson tries to play the unifier today, remember that he was one of the chief architects behind Vote Leave's scaremongering about Turkey, and one of the authors of the £350m a week NHS lie. She also urged the government to drop its "relentless optimism bias" and make a "serious speech" about how it intends to solve issues posed by leaving the European Union, such avoiding a hard Irish border. Labour Party Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said Johnson's speech showed he wanted "a Brexit of deregulation, where rights and protections are casually cast aside and where the benefits of the single market and the customs union are ignored".

People had concerns about the strategic, "spiritual" and economic consequences of Brexit, but whatever the "superficial attractions" they could be "turned on their head", he said.