Monday, 21 January, 2019

Your council tax is probably going to increase this year

Nearly all councils plan to increase council tax Credit Alamy
Nellie Chapman | 09 February, 2018, 05:33

On top of the council tax rises, 95% of councils are reportedly planning on hiking the taxes, while 76% confirmed they were already planning on hiking it by more than 2%, The State of Local Government Finance Survey has shown.

The Conservative-run council has projected overspend of £21.1m for 2017-18 and its chief financial officer warned predictions for the following year were "grave".

The Local Government Information Unit, which carried out the survey, also said that it is "very likely" that three quarters of councils will adopt the maximum limit of the tax raise.

He said: 'Councils are having to increase charging on everything they can, everything from planning applications, to cremations, to cutting grass. Labour councillor Robert Evans blamed the Government for not funding local councils properly.

"Local authorities should think twice before another round of painful tax hikes and instead step up a war on wasteful spending".

A spokesman for SCC, which serves the UK's richest county in terms of high net-worth individuals, said: "We've been successfully managing the growing need for adult social care, children's and other key services partly through making savings of £540m since 2010 and have made sure we keep within our overall budget".

LGiU chief Jonathan Carr-West last night said: "Councils are on the edge". At present government is offering neither.

Now, a new report has warned that almost 80% of councils are anxious about their financial sustainability.

This means council-provided services like waste collection, grass-cutting, meals on wheels and even planning will cost more to use.

"But they can only do this by raising council tax, increasing charging and draining their reserves". Nine out of ten councils will be millions of pounds over budget by the end of the financial year.