Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Why are the Spice Girls reuniting? One possible reason

Victoria Beckham has revealed the reason she agreed to reunite with the Spice Girls More Victoria Beckham has revealed the reason she agreed to reunite with the Spice Girls More
Melinda Barton | 09 February, 2018, 05:57

Geri, Emma and Mel B previously had a mini reunion under the name GEM to celebrate 20 years since the release of Wannabe, but it was rumoured that Victoria and Mel C didn't fancy a Spice Girls reboot. "This reunion is all about securing the Spice Girls legacy, and their own company could be one way to do that", the source claims.

Are the Spice Girls actually planning a reunion tour that will see all five members on stage together at the same time as TMZ is reporting, Wonderwall is wondering.

Fans loved Olly's confession with some saying they hope he gets his wish and others saying he should count himself lucky to have even met Baby, Sporty and Posh! USA TODAY reached out to representatives for the Spice Girls, but did not immediately receive a response. He breathlessly vowed to buy five pet rabbits and name them after the Spice Girls.

Sources told the American news outlet that the group will tour here first before bringing their show Stateside.

The Spice Girls released a statement, saying: "We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching-up and reminiscing about the unbelievable times we spent together".

Plus, they made a cultural impact with their phrase "Girl Power", which offered a sense of female empowerment and friendship to fans around the world. New opportunities could mean pretty much anything, so as of now, there's no positive confirmation.

The Spice Girls at the 1997 Billboard Music Awards.

I broke the news last week that the Spice Girls were to re-form with Victoria for £50million, and have stayed at the forefront of the story ever since.