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Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: North Korea's arrival greeted with protests

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: North Korea's arrival greeted with protests Pyeongchang Winter Olympics: North Korea's arrival greeted with protests
Sherri Watson | 09 February, 2018, 11:12

Similarly, a joint Korean women's hockey team will not wear uniforms made by Nike, an Olympic sponsor and US company, due to concerns about the sanctions. This was disturbing, if not unprecedented: Kim, while the nominal leader of the world's worst human rights abusing regime, attended the opening ceremonies in Sochi in 2014, too. "If South Korea, the neighboring nation that should be most alarmed by North Korea's nuclear and missile development programs, makes clear that it is adopting a conciliatory approach, the global net encircling North Korea will loosen", a senior Japanese government official told The Yomiuri Shimbun. Those from North Korea will be asked to "only use them during their stay in PyeongChang", the International Olympic Committee added.

Banners welcoming the North's Olympic participation in the February 9-25 Olympics lined the hilly drive up to the Inje Speedium, a four-star luxury resort with a auto racing theme park.

"Their moves are lovely".

"I feel so good", North Korean figure skating coach Kim Hyon Son said after the ceremony. They are just girls ... you know ... they are just hockey players.

Kim was also in the news on Tuesday after South Korean skater Alex Kam posted a selfie on Instagram of them together during training the previous day. In the shadow of nuclear north Korea, south Korean special forces taking on role playing terrorists.

At a dinner banquet hosted by South Korea, the cheerleaders - in matching bright red two-piece jackets and skirts complete with Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il lapel pins - were seen chatting among themselves at round tables.

Both dictator Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju presided over the parade, according to multiple South Korean news sources.

A giant North Korea flag is draped across three floors of the North Korean athletes' apartment building.

Getting the Americans and North Koreans in the same room to talk, however, is unlikely.

"I'm actually a conservative and don't like North Korea".

"I thought it was altogether fitting to begin here at Elmendorf, the first line of defense for the American people", Pence said at the base.

Amid controversy over unequal treatment, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) finally chose to hand out the smartphones to North Koreans and Iranians under condition that they return the devices after the Winter Games, a source with the knowledge of the matter said.

She will be the first member of his family to set foot on South Korean soil, and is expected to meet with South Korean president Moon Jae In and hand him a personal letter from her brother, South Korean media has reported.

Kim provided a short televised address that included no mention of the Olympics but did call North Korea "world-class military power".

Most people concerned share the view that North Korea needs to conduct more test launches to complete and field an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system, because it is indispensable for their purposes to establish an advanced technique that allows a nuclear warhead to reenter the atmosphere.

During a previous era of detente from 1998 to 2008, North Korea also sent large delegations to sports events in South Korea and launched many now-dormant cooperation programs.

Images from the event are likely to have been carefully selected to avoid revealing too much information about Mr Kim's arsenal.

Those events raised hopes of eventual unification. The South Korean government is reportedly trying to get an exemption to the travel ban for the Olympics from the UN Security Council.

"One of the positives of her visit is that she is someone able to deliver a direct message on behalf of Kim Jong-un", said Shin Beom-chul, a professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy in Seoul. But when they arrived at the Gangneung athletes' village, they were separated into different apartment buildings.

Pyongyang has ruled out a meeting with the United States delegation during the Winter Games.

Sarah Murray took over a South Korea squad that was at the time the only women's team in the country.