Saturday, 15 December, 2018

Premier League 'open' to introducing winter break in English football

20. Liverpool have the youngest squad in the Premier League with an average age of 25.9 years Premier League 'open' to introducing winter break in English football
Kristopher Love | 09 February, 2018, 10:07

A winter break could be at last set to arrive in English football.

Those winners of the UK TV rights are expected to be announced next week.

This would not affect the traditional festive fixture list, though, with any potential interval coming in January. The league is seeking an increase on the current £5.14bn deal which includes 168 live matches a season, with Sky holding five packages of games and BT two.

The Premier League has floated the idea of some sort of winter break finally being introduced into its football season, with the next batch of wrangling about TV money open to the concept of giving those stressed millionaires two or three weeks off to play with their presents after Christmas.

The introduction of a winter break is thought to help players recover from fatigue, which will ultimately boost their hopes at the end of the campaign, especially those fighting on more than one front and in Europe.

18. Tottenham Hotspur have an average age of 26.4 years

That deal runs until 2019 with negotiations already under way.

The most galling factor is often that there is no respite after the intense festive schedule, and it has been regularly noted that playing in the Premier League seems to hinder performances at major worldwide tournaments, per Henry Winter in the Times. Earlier in the season, his Manchester United counterpart.

The Premier League remains the only major European league that does not have a mid-season break and the lack of a rest period has been blamed for English clubs struggling in the latter stages of the Champions and Europa Leagues.

Managers have repeatedly called for a mid-season break to be introduced to prevent player fatigue but until now their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Spain, France, Germany and Italy all now operate with the winter break system, with the Bundesliga taking the longest period of time away from the field at 22 days.