Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Brings New Map and Skins

Overwatch update adds Thailand inspired map 0 Overwatch update adds Thailand inspired map 0
Theresa Hayes | 09 February, 2018, 03:12

This Overwatch Lunar New Year event is unique in that it's being extended-it'll last for four weeks instead of the traditional two for most seasonal events. "One side of the map is ancient and shows a temple that's very, very gorgeous and the other side is bright and attractive and very modern". This is similar to Lucioball in the Summer Games event a year ago, which also introduced the popular Cote D'Azur legendary skin of Widowmaker. It features two sides: one has an ancient temple and the other is modern, "bright and beautiful".

Blizzard has added the new Capture the Flag map with a competitive mode which is based in Thailand, new skins, emotes and a variety of stuff they can punt in loot boxes. One change would be the lack of ties.

"What will happen is both teams" flags are moved closer to the center of the map and then the map resumes at that point and the teams will go for the flags and then they only have a very short distance to cap", said game director Kaplan in a statement, as reported by Engadget. When the match starts again, teams will be forced to play on a smaller ground.

Mobility and invulnerability skills drop the flag.

The Capture the Rooster event has returned and now includes a sudden death element to avoid any drawn games.

As with all Overwatch events, there are also Player Icons, Sprays and Voice Lines to be unlocked and collected.

Get ready to ring in the Year of the Dog! McCree's getting spoiled as he also receives a new highlight intro in which he tosses his cigar into a pile of fireworks with predictable results.

The Year of the Dog event has just appeared today and it's available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.