Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Olympics-CAS decision on Russian appeal on Friday

Olympics-CAS decision on Russian appeal on Friday Olympics-CAS decision on Russian appeal on Friday
Melinda Barton | 09 February, 2018, 02:04

Last-ditch appeal hearings started Thursday for Russian athletes seeking admission to the Pyeongchang Olympics, one day before the opening ceremony, as the total number of appeals hit 60.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously said that the ban was humiliating, but stopped short of calling for a boycott despite other officials saying their national athletes should not compete.

"This morning we had an opportunity to have a discussion between the two organisations and everything is okay".

The IOC nor the COC have not been able to confirm the name of the athlete. We talk more than we walk and, with respect, I don't think we can talk our way out of this.

One of the best combat sports in the history of mankind might be facing a very uncertain future and we all are left anxious.

"I speak not as an enemy but as someone wanting to help the fight against doping".

"With a huge disappointment, the members of ROC's Athletes' Commission have found out about decision of IOC's Invitation Review Panel not to invite 13 Russian athletes and 2 coaches fully acquitted by (the CAS) to 2018 Winter Olympics", the commission statement said. He became a Russian citizen to represent the hosts at the Sochi Games.

The OAR ladies' ice hockey group will play in Group An at the February 9-25 Games close by Canada, Finland and the United States. "There's time to allow these athletes, who have been cleared, who are innocent, who have been shown to be innocent by the CAS, to compete".

Speaking later on Tuesday, IOC spokesman Mark Adams said the organisation was "confident" in its processes.

The German told a media conference in Pyeongchang on Sunday: "Yes - we are considering (an appeal). We're very confident with the stance we've taken".

Russia escaped a blanket ban at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and there, too, tensions arose between the Russians and other competitors who branded them cheats.

On February 1, the CAS upheld the appeals of 28 Russian athletes against the International Olympic Committee decision on their disqualification and lifetime ban from the Olympics over violations of anti-doping rules and partially upheld 11 other appeals.

"It was a shock as we felt the evidence we presented was strong enough to justify the sanctions we had taken", he added.

"The decision is hard to explain".