Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

Olympic team's chefs mistakenly order 15000 eggs

Translation Error Cracks Up Olympic Team Olympic team's chefs mistakenly order 15000 eggs
Kristopher Love | 09 February, 2018, 01:49

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Chefs tasked with feeding the Norwegian Olympians in South Korea thought they were ordering 1,500 eggs, but the figure was lost in translation when the team ended up with a delivery of 15,000 instead.

They and the other world-class competitors, of course, need plenty of good food to help them perform to the best of their abilities.

Norwegian Biathlon athletes celebrate at a test event in Pyeongchang.

But because none of the chefs could speak Korean, they ran their list through - what else - Google Translate.

Anyone know how to say "we ordered too many eggs" in Norwegian?

Chefs for the athletic delegation from the Arctic Circle nation had a mathematical snafu when placing an order for the next few weeks while in South Korea for the Winter Games.

Norwegian chef Stale Johansen told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten the sight of all the eggs arriving was "absolutely unbelievable" and there was "no end to the delivery".

"They said themselves that it was a Google translate slip", Lea said. But there may have simply been a typing mistake in the original order. That would have meant that each one of Norway's 109 athletes would need to eat almost 12 dozen eggs apiece over the next two weeks to finish the stash. The cooks were able to return the extra eggs to the supermarket. Hai Do was the editor.